Post 2000 and the blog continues

I had to check. I reached post 1000 on August 29, 2009. Today on December 20, 2018 I finally hit the latest milestone, post 2000. My expectation was that maybe I could reach post 2000 on December 12, 2018. Then if I were to take the blog down, as I hinted I might, it would be after exactly sixteen years of blogging. Seemed fitting, somehow.

Happily, traffic has picked up just enough where I find the impetus to keep going. Most of my posts go into a backwater wasteland somewhere with zero likes or reposts, but some still seem to resonate. I’m not sure how they end up resonating. Maybe someone on my email list recommends them. It used to be that I could count on Google search to boost some posts. That doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. In any event, it makes no sense to blog if hardly anyone is reading. So, dear readers, if you want the blog to continue, simply read it and recommend posts to your friends when you think it warrants it. If this blog goes down, it probably won’t due to my disinterest, but only because no one seems to be listening. If blogging amounts to talking to myself online, it has no point.

What’s been resonating? The home page gets the most hits, about 26% of the total page views so far this year. Those pages that broke the twenty page views in the last thirty days include one on Trump’s treason, the beginning of the decline and fall of the Trump presidency, on the nature of reality and my Mike Pence tag for some reason. It may be that Trump sucks all the oxygen out of the blogosphere. It’s hard not to comment on Donald Trump given his disastrous presidency and its oversized impact on our nation. But of course even when I think I have a unique perspective on him, there is so much other content out there on him that it’s hard for anyone’s to get noticed unless you have a lot of followers already.

And that’s part of my problem. I suck at marketing, but worse, I don’t really want to market the blog. I don’t promote it with friends and family; in fact I actively discourage them from reading it. They know it’s out there but for the most part they don’t read it. I don’t post links to my posts on Facebook. I prefer anonymity but arguably it’s kind of pointless now that I’m retired. Not all my ideas are acceptable in polite society.

The blog’s decline has been exacerbated by the demise of Craigslist’s casual encounter’s section. I could count on my monthly reviews of these bizarre posts to bring in several hundred page views per month on average. Nothing has replaced it. Nonetheless, this 2015 post on Hartford’s section still gets regular hits. Maybe it’s due to nostalgia. For myself, I don’t miss reviewing these posts. While good for my traffic, there wasn’t much new in them. After a while, even the most bizarre posts seemed perfectly normal.

I restate myself a lot, with many variations based on topics in the news. With 2000 posts, of course you are going to find that you are repeating yourself. But since hardly anyone has read most of my posts (I mean who would be following me for sixteen years?) it doesn’t matter. Trying to make sense of the present is quite hard and feels kind of futile. Not all things that happen really make any sense.

Retirement has expanded my interests. In theory it gives me more time for blogging but in practice other hobbies and interests have taken up the time instead. I don’t want to post more than once or twice a week. There are plenty of other things to keep me engaged. My IT business keeps expanding. I revel in open source projects, teaching a class here and there, and the luxury of so much time in retirement. It’s time to do things like take daily walks; bikes rides; or simply slog through my favorite websites. I keep busy, mostly happily while our national nightmare continues to unfold around us.

So thanks for reading. I hope it is worth our time.

Our new not-so-naughty Internet

I used to make monthly reviews of Craigslist’s casual encounters section a feature of this site. I gave it up about a year ago because it wasn’t bringing in that much traffic anymore, but also I felt like I had read it all. It used to be that I could reliably find a few nuggets of gold among the voluminous postings of horny guys and mostly women for sale. As you may have read, its casual encounters section, which includes its basic dating area, is shutdown. I wouldn’t have noticed except the event made the news. It became a victim of the recently enacted FOSTA-SESTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act – Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) law. The law adds tough penalties for sites like Craigslist that even inadvertently facilitate sex trafficking.

Also quickly caught up in the act’s passage was, which has been shutdown and now comes with a warning that the site has been seized. The site was pretty much just a place for prostitutes to find clients, so it’s not surprising its top leaders had their homes raided and they were charged with crimes. The Feds seized the domain. Just six days after its passage, CEO Carl Ferrer pleaded guilty to both state and local charges.

FOSTA-SESTA’s passage into U.S. law has had sex workers in Canada scrambling. One of these is a client of mine who lives in Ottawa. Prostitution is not illegal in Canada, or at least not in Ontario, or I would not have taken her on as a client. Advertising these services in Canada though has always problematic and more so now that FOSTA-SESTA has been passed because brought in most of their business. In my client’s case she needs to move her domains to web hosts outside of FOSTA-SESTA’s umbrella. She’s been proactive and for more than a year has had her hosting overseas. Now she needs to move her domains off GoDaddy to an overseas registrar too. One odd effect of the law is that since many Americans that used to find women on may opt to travel to Canada instead. But in general it’s definitely becoming harder to find places to hookup online due to FOSTA-SESTA.

FOSTA-SESTA breaks a unique covenant that has formed the foundation of the web’s success: that website owners could not be held liable for content posted by others. Basically it amends the Communications Decency Act of 1996 which had given website owners a pass. The law’s domain is sex trafficking but now that the door has been opened it’s possible that future congresses will open the door widely to more Internet censorship. Sites that allow hate speech, even tangentially like Facebook, may be held liable. As a practical matter just like a cop cannot possibly arrest every lawbreaker, it’s impossible for most website owners to police all the content it gets as it is time and cost prohibitive. For sites like Facebook, laws like these put at risk its whole business model. Computer algorithms can help flag such content but no algorithm is perfect.

While I often enjoyed my monthly surfing of Craigslist’s casual encounters section, it was quite clear that the postings were rife with prostitutes and at least some of the posts probably involved sex trafficking. Many years ago I found one such ad, encouraging Craigslist users to fly to the Dominican Republic where having sex with a minor was apparently not much of a problem. In Craigslist’s case though they can at least say that they made no money off these postings. They did off its erotic services area until that was closed down after a client murdered a sex worker who advertised using this Craigslist area.

Unless FOSTA-SESTA is repealed it’s unlikely that I will be reviewing Craigslist’s casual encounters section anymore. There are plenty of reviews on my site if you are nostalgic for such stuff under my Craigslist tag. It is unclear to me though where people go if they are truly looking for a hookup. For the adulterous, after it was hacked in 2015 proved to be problematic. For hookups with random strangers, is probably the place to go these days. But it requires a smartphone app plus you have to create a public profile with pictures and stuff. This is presumably not a problem if you are single, but if it is principally a hookup site you may not want the taint of having your boss or coworkers find you are on the site. For gays and bisexuals, offers a similar service. Presumably these are policed reasonably well to keep the posters legitimate.

With FOSTA-SESTA, it sure looks like some twenty years after the World Wide Web took off, its glory days are gone. It had a Wild West feel to it, and sites like Craigslist were where you went if you found that sort of stuff titillating. Craigslist of course is still in business, but it’s back to finding more pedestrian ways to make money such as through job postings and facilitating the buying and selling of excess stuff. Its voyeuristic nature is not entirely gone. There is still its Missed Connections section where two ships passing in the night try to find each other. But its naughtiness is gone. Craigslist has to hope its brand can survive the gaping hole that was lost with the closure of its personals section.

Craigslist casual encounters weirdness posts suspended

Tomorrow the missus and me cross the pond to spend eight days in London, taking in shows and stuff. We’ll also tour both London and England for the first time, unless you count flying over it. Mostly we’ll be in London, but we’ll spend Saturday seeing Stonehenge, Oxford and Windsor castle, and then come home.

Frankly, I need a break. I’m hoping for at least a few days that the woes of the Trump Administration and our Republican congress will recede from my mind. I need to be somewhere where things operate somewhat normally, as opposed to the United States where the lunatics are running the asylum, or at least ineptly trying to do so.

I was late in doing my monthly review of Craigslist casual encounters posts this month. I was planning to catch up on it today until I looked at my February statistics. I got no less than 128 requests for these posts in February – lower than average – but February’s overall statistics are down as well, just 872 page views, part of a long term trend. While these post represented a healthy 15% of overall traffic, it also suggests that since readership in general is going down it may be due to search engines ranking my blog lower because of these posts.

So I’m going to stop, at least for a few months, and see if maybe traffic improves. While this may deter some of you Craigslist fans from visiting this blog (and I hope it doesn’t) it may bring in new visitors too. We’ll see. And in time maybe these posts will look fresh and funny again. A few years back mining the Craigslist casual encounters garbage once a month seemed an obvious thing to do as I was getting dozens of hits a day just on these posts. Maybe its time as a way to grab the eyes of web surfers has passed.

If you can’t get enough but don’t have the patience to surf through all the current postings, please browse my plentiful Craigslist tag archive.

Craigslist casual encounters weirdness: February 2017 edition

It’s the first weekend of the month and thus time for me to turn off my analytical brain and turn on my gawking brain. It’s that part of my brain that has me reading sites like People of Walmart and White Trash Repairs. In short, it’s that time of the month to revel in the gutter rather than shoot for the stars. Quite frankly it’s easier to get into the gutter than reach for the stars anyhow.

No place on the Internet though lies deeper in the gutter than Craigslist’s casual encounters section. I will confess it’s getting harder to find truly unique nuggets of gutter trash. Many posts run on similar themes. Still, I can usually find a couple every month, hopefully for your enjoyment.

Before I peer into the Craigslist gutter, I noted at least 192 web page hits for my Craigslist posts in January, out of 1015 total web page hits. My overall hit count has been trending down, but these Craigslist reviews still generate a significant amount of my traffic, at least 19% in January. Scanning the Hartford, Connecticut Craigslist Casual Encounters section on this cold but sunny Saturday on the first page of postings I find:

  • 31 men looking for a woman
  • 35 men looking for a man
  • 6 men looking for a couple
  • 2 men looking for a transgender person
  • 1 group of men looking for a man
  • 1 group of men looking for a couple
  • 13 women looking for a man
  • 2 couples looking for a man
  • 1 couple looking for a woman
  • 3 couples looking for another couple
  • 9 transgender people looking for a man
  • 3 transgender people looking for multiple men

Let’s see what the cat hasn’t dragged in yet:

  • She’s a woman looking for a dominant woman for daytime play. Why daytime? Because she’s got a husband and doesn’t want him to know. Still sounds pretty generic until you find the kink: she enjoys sniffing her own wet panties.
  • He’s a 45-year-old single man with red, white and black striped tights looking to get a woman pregnant, presumably the old fashioned way. Not sure what the motivation is here, unless he likes paying child support, as he is likely to do so if he succeeds in this quest. If I had to guess he’s had a vasectomy, isn’t actually single and this is his attempt to get some bits on the side.
  • Men, she says she’s from Enfield and wants nothing from you other than to give you head. Sound about perfect, but I’m betting there’s an exchange of some cash, a Mastercard or Visa in there somewhere.
  • This is likely to go wrong. “She” is actually a he (husband in this case I think) trying to find a woman to hit on his 26-year-old wife. Meet him at the bar and he’ll bring you home to meet his old lady who he claims loves lesbian porn. On the plus side, he’s unlikely to get any replies.
  • When you see four posts in a row from two men in Bristol, Connecticut looking for either a couple or another guy, it’s a good bet it’s all the same poster, or posters in this case. Also, they all have a picture of a guy’s hairy ass, which even if I were gay would be a turnoff for me. So I don’t expect this “couple” (I’m betting it’s just one guy) will be getting many inquiries. That’s probably why “they” have four different ads.
  • In case you are incredibly naïve, there are lots of ulterior motives for Craigslist posters, like blackmail. Case in point: a woman from Avon with New Jersey plates and driving a black Camaro. Run away!
  • For some women, size does matter and race does too. This 5’2”, 18-year-old woman needs 7 inches plus and black and rough.
  • He’s 23, from New Haven, a “cub” and looking for a “daddy” or “older bro” to spank him and (I swear I am not making this up) wash his mouth out with soap. Okay, there’s one kink I’ve never seen before on Craigslist.
  • So many of these ads from women look fake to me, but this one has the whiff of being legit. First, she’s black and is obviously taking her own selfie. Second it’s devoid of the more obvious signs of fakery: embedded phone numbers and inconsistent sentences. Third, she needs a man with extra between the legs, in the parlance a “bull” because she has a “cuck” of a man who needs to be humiliated. Dominant men, you could do a lot worse. Anyhow, the hotel room has been paid for and it would be a shame for it to go to waste.
  • He’s a 51-year-old single white male from Meriden looking for a female live in companion. No mention of the rent, so maybe it’s free and you put out instead of paying rent. Anyhow, must like dogs because he has one. Good luck poster but inviting some stranger to live with you sounds incredibly dangerous.
  • As you may recall there was a recent allegation that our president likes golden showers. This 44-year-old man from Newington is looking for a woman for this experience, but is hoping he doesn’t have to go to Russia and pay a high-class prostitute to get it.
  • Weaned too early and/or very giving and/or inclined toward your own sex? If you are a woman, this selfish 34-year-old woman from Manchester wants you to come over and nuzzle on her breasts while she takes a nap. She says it’s nonsexual. Hmmm.
  • I don’t understand the whole “daddy” thing, but I’m betting these “daddy” women read (and like) Shades of Grey. This one is more turned on if you are married too.

Okay, I think I’ve spent enough time in the gutter for February. Back to reading People of Walmart and see you in March.

Craigslist casual encounters weirdness: January 2017 edition

It’s a new year but some things don’t change. This includes Craigslist’s dubious casual encounters area, full of often mediocre ads and spam postings but still capable of little nuggets of surprise, outrage, amusement and gross out, sometimes all at once, if you have the tenacity to dig through them as I do once a month. Today I am scanning Hartford, Connecticut’s postings again. The weather outside is kind of frightful: 20F and snowing, but I’m betting these posting will be red hot. Let’s find out.

First, let me share some statistics. I counted at least 251 page views for this stuff in December, about average. Since web traffic was down to only 1406 pages in December, 18% of my web traffic was for my Craigslist posts, a new high, and not of the 420 kind. Pulling up the section on this snowy Saturday afternoon I find:

  • 34 men looking for a woman
  • 34 men looking for a man
  • 7 men looking for a couple
  • 1 man looking for a group of men
  • 1 man looking for a transgender person
  • 19 women looking for a man, although most of these are probably spam
  • 3 women looking for a woman
  • 2 couples looking for a man
  • 2 couples looking for a woman

And we’re off to the races for 2017:


More in February.

Craigslist casual encounters weirdness: December 2016 edition

November turned out to be a dreary month here in Massachusetts. The days were very short but the persistent days of clouds and rain only made it drearier. So I should not be surprised that my Craigslist posts received but 224 web page hits in November, a respectable amount but nothing outstanding. Overall web hits were down in November to just 1203 web hits, so at least that made my Craigslist traffic amount to nearly twenty percent of total traffic.

So maybe people are more into sleeping late this time of year than trying to find some kinky sex on the internet. There is no way to know without sampling postings this month. Once again I will look at nearby Hartford, Connecticut to gauge just how far into the gutter my local citizens are today.

Today on the first page of Craigslist casual encounter postings I find:

  • 31 men looking for a woman
  • 51 men looking for a man
  • 1 man looking for multiple men
  • 4 men looking for a transgender person
  • 6 men looking for a couple
  • 5 women looking for a man
  • 1 woman looking for a woman
  • 2 couples looking for a woman
  • 4 transgender people looking for a man
  • 1 transgender person looking for a couple

Let’s see who’s shaking their booty and what sort of others they hope to attract:

  • “She” is a “submissive crossdressing bottom bitch” from Central Vermont and is apparently willing to drive quite a way. She will come dressed in leather and is willing to play the bottom. In fact, she is in so much leather that at least from her photos you’ll never see her face! I guess that’s one way to stay anonymous. She’ll take pretty much anyone: couples, men, women and even do phone sex. Even if I were inclined, given her photos I’d give her a pass. With all that leather she looks more cow than human.
  • If you have always wonder what a post-op transgender woman looks like you can see the surgeon’s results in all its clinical detail, but “she” still sports an Amish beard. She is 26 and has a kinky story to share about her visit last weekend to Hartford’s notorious Art Cinema, which she hopes to repeat this weekend. At least she won’t allow penetration without a condom. Also at the Art Cinema this weekend is this 39-year-old man, if he can find his Sexy Ms Claus to join him on the couples-only balcony for their annual party.
  • Usually with couples, it’s the man who wants to see his woman with another woman. This couple from New Haven is looking for a woman, and it’s the woman who gets off seeing her man being pleasured by another woman. At least she’s not possessive.
  • Women, why wouldn’t you want a casual encounter with a man who was “born a Brazilian fire dancer to a band of roving beach gypsies”?
  • My understanding is it’s not too hard for men to hook up with other men on Craigslist, but it can be challenging if you are gay and into watersports. He’s married too, and 51 if that matters.
  • This probably won’t happen to this 46-year-old man: he runs a shop and at closing time he wants a couple to come in and start engaging in erotic play. He swears there are no store cameras. I think he’s also this guy, same age, who wants to lick a woman to orgasm on his desk at work. So retail literally sucks?
  • One of the few women for men ads that didn’t get flagged: she’s just looking to hookup and has a smoking hot body. She’s 25, from Hartford and is looking for regular fun.
  • If there were some sort of award for ugliest-looking dick contest, this 50-year-old guy from East Longmeadow, Massachusetts would probably win it. If you are a dude looking for a dude and insist on posting a picture of your privates, at least prove you can get it erect!
  • He’s a 41-year-old guy from Hartford with a smoking tranny “fitish”.
  • Isn’t 37 years old a bit early to suffer from erectile dysfunction? Anyhow he’s looking for a woman so he can use his blue pills before they go to waste. This must be one of the worst internet propositions ever!
  • She’s 28, from Hartford and looking for a few good men, preferably all at the same time, to lavish oral love upon. Meanwhile, she’s 22 and wants to be a submissive slut for an older man.
  • Since she’s married, 32, blonde and has a fabulous career, she wants this to be discreet. She’s looking for a submissive woman to “nurse” and “experiment” on. Based on the pictures, you may be literally tied up in knots.
  • Lots of women are looking for a sugar daddy. Here’s a hassled 26-year-old woman looking for a sugar mama.
  • They’re a submissive couple looking for a dominant couple. Meanwhile this couple from Bloomfield has an unusual request: they need an OB/GYN examination table for BDSM medical role-play fetish. Maybe they can scan Craigslist for sale classified. Never know what will show up there.

More next month.


Craigslist casual encounters weirdness: November 2016 edition

There is a lot of election fever going on a few days before a national election. Passions are running high. And speaking of passions, will they leach over this month to Craigslist casual encounters section, giving us discerning viewers some especially choice postings? Maybe there are some hot Democrats wanting to bag a hot Republican, or visa versa?

As usual to find out I will review Craigslist’s Hartford (Connecticut) casual encounters section this month. Reviewing my Craigslist hits for October, I find it was a pretty typical month. There were at least 261 web page requests for this stuff in October out of 2257 pageviews, so this was about 12% of my traffic. Also as usual, my May 2015 posting drew the most traffic: 170 pageviews altogether.

On this grey Saturday afternoon, the first page of such postings reveals:

  • 28 men looking for a woman
  • 2 men looking for multiple men
  • 44 men looking for a man
  • 7 men looking for a couple
  • 3 men looking for a transsexual
  • 14 women looking for a man
  • 1 woman looking for multiple men
  • 2 couples looking for a man
  • 1 couple looking for a woman

Curiously there are no transsexuals posting on the first page. They are usually hunting for men, given that most of them tend to be transitioning women. Anyhow, let’s dig into this month’s pile of dubious postings:

  • He’s white, 23 and basically looking for women to get wasted with, not in the sack, but to consume a “cooler full of supplies”. This is because he wants to “hit the slopes” even though it’s not quite snow season. It sounds like be bought out his local pusher’s stock. I hope he got a steep discount.
  • He’s a 36-year-old man from East Windsor looking to give a trim to a man, and I don’t think he means above the neck.
  • Ding! Ding! Ding! And we have a winner for the disgusting post of the month: a 35-year-old man from East Windsor has a puking fetish, not him puking but you, a bulimic and/or wasted woman. You can puke while he enters you via a number of intimate orifices. Good luck with that, poster.
  • A close runner up is this ad from a local guy (to me), in Amherst, Massachusetts. He’s 18, looking for a guy and want to live the ultimate fart fantacy (sic) which fortunately he does not detail, thank goodness. And that’s just the start of the abuse he wants to endure from you.
  • He’s near the university in Hartford and has used briefs to sell: his and his girlfriend’s panties too. More likely what he really has is a drug addiction and needs a source of cash to support it. You can also give him money to suck his eight inch black cock too.
  • Basically, he’s looking for a whore. Whereas he is looking for a discreet no-questions-asked Viagra or Cialis supplier.
  • Speaking of anti-impotence drugs, this general contractor has “worn out equipment” but I guess he figures they won’t help. So is looking to interview a substitute to do some pinch-hitting with his wife, who you can see from the neck down. A peculiar qualification: you have to be 45+.
  • It’s unclear if she is charging or not, but probably yes. Anyhow, she will bring a “spa to your door” for an age 40+ man only. She promises a mutually happy and clothes-free ending.
  • It’s not unusual to see women posting for women on Craigslist, but it is unusual for an Arabic woman to post for another Arabic woman (or Indian or Pakistani). Not to worry, hubby approves.
  • Just a reminder that there’s plenty of trouble out there on Craigslist. For example, there’s Ashley, the blackmailing TS gurl.

So it’s mostly men posting today. Maybe the women are all busy voting for Hillary.

Craigslist casual encounters weirdness: October 2016 edition

I tried to think of some other topic to write about, like the Pence-Kaine vice presidential debate. While I watched it, it frankly didn’t merit a post in part because it truly doesn’t matter. I’ve done a lot of political posts lately, as they are topical. At the moment there is not much to say except that it sure looks like Clinton has this thing wrapped up. Rather than be a win by a few percentage points it looks like it will be by five or more points.

So instead and a day earlier than usual I will post my monthly Craigslist casual encounters review. I will default to Hartford, Connecticut from now on and change the title only when looking at a different locale. As usual my Craigslist postings were good to me last month: at least 297 web page hits in September, 195 of them for this May 2015 review. That was about 12% of total traffic, which has gone up the last couple of months for reasons that are unclear. It may be due to tediously removing all the web errors reported in Google Webmaster Tools.

On the first page of posts this month I see:

  • 39 men looking for a woman
  • 37 men looking for a man
  • 10 men looking for a couple
  • 8 men looking for a transgender person
  • 2 women looking for a man
  • 0 women looking for a woman
  • 0 couples looking for anyone
  • 2 transgender people looking for a man

So mostly it’s a bunch of horny men looking to get off. Of course it’s the peculiar way that posters want to get off that tickle my funny bone. Time to dig for those nuggets of gold:

  • He’s 28, black, massively endowed with ten inches below the waist and has plenty of pictures to prove it plus plenty of himself in action, including one with him smoking so I guess you have to deal with that. Considering the average vagina is no more than five inches or so and last I heard the cervix was not an erogenous zone, I’m not sure what all that extra length is good for. Perhaps some woman will explain it to me. I’m also not sure why he wants a man to be there too. Maybe he just likes making them look puny by comparison.
  • There are few ways for a man to attract a woman on Craigslist and actually score, but I think this 42-year-old man will score. Why? Because he’s a dominant “sugar daddy”, i.e. he’s willing to lavish money on a woman, at least for a casual encounter. I doubt he looks like Richard Gere but at least he’s single. This 57-year-old sugar daddy may score also.
  • It looks like Roleplay from last month is back and he is still looking for a woman into kinky playacting. The list looks a lot like last month’s, so I’m guessing he had no success in September.
  • If you are a guy from Newington that wants a massage from an Asian or white woman, no sex but are willing to pay for it, why post for it? Check out massage parlor reviews on Yelp and go to a decent local joint instead. Most of them have attractive Asian women and even if they are not attractive, does it matter?
  • If you are a couple and looking for a fat 42-year-old stogie-chomping black man for your fat wife to give head to, he’s available and has a suggestive illustration that if it is truthful probably won’t help in his quest.
  • She’s 21, slinky and from Hartford, looks very cute and is looking for a woman to be her friend with benefits (FWB). She likes the juicy titties though, so does this mean you have to be lactating?
  • It’s not unusual to see “dads” looking for “daughters” or “sons” on Craigslist, and I’ve documented more than a few of these over the years. But this 43-year-old woman is looking for a legal age young woman to be her “mother”. Here’s another “mother” but she’s only 28! It looks like a “daughter” is available, so which mommy will she choose?
  • Hartford’s XXX Art Cinema is still in business and has stimulated the curiosity of a married white BBW but presumably not her hubby. She’s too shy to go to an adult cinema alone but she will go with an escort this Saturday night, providing you are black and well endowed, perhaps like that stogie-chomping black man. Maybe they can give everyone a show. BTW, she’s not the only woman posting for an escort to this cinema.
  • Men, she’s 25 and if you call now you can make a reservation with her G-spot.
  • Also men, if you are craving a good spanking this 40 DD endowed “chocolate skin” woman will provide it, as well as have your crawling on your knees.
  • What is your personal best? This 22-year-old woman from East Hartford is going for her personal best daily blowjob record so she needs plenty of men … under age 40.
  • This “classy” girl from Hartford (probably attached) doesn’t need or want to make love in a hotel room but instead wants to make love with a professional guy in his office. I hope the office at least provides a nice leather couch and you can close the blinds. If I were the guy I’d make sure the door locks and kept a gag in the drawer.
  • At 24 your biological clock should not be “running short” but this young woman definitely wants a man to “seed me”. If you succeed I expect a paternity suit will follow.
  • If you are a man who never finds happiness at the mall, this 22-year-old woman from Westfarms will provide it to a sexy young man with a discreet mall blowjob. I’d avoid areas near the security cams.

More in November.

Craigslist casual encounters weirdness: September 2016 (Hartford CT) edition

So I’ve been traveling – a four-day jaunt to Washington D.C. area and back – so I missed my usual first Friday of the month Craigslist casual encounters post. Since it’s been a while since I posted anything and no other topic immediately came to mind to blog about tonight, I’ll dig through Hartford, Connecticut’s Craigslist Casual Encounters trash tonight instead … and hope weekday postings don’t disappoint.

While these postings often disappoint, my Craigslist readers didn’t disappoint me in August. I count at least 334 web page hits for this stuff last month, including an impressive 239 hits for my May 2015 post. That’s over 18 percent of traffic last month. My site traffic in general was up 23% in August compared to an anemic July.

Who’s posting tonight? Probably those who posted last Friday but had unfulfilled expectations. In any event, the first page of postings tonight in Hartford brings up:

  • 14 men looking for a woman
  • 44 men looking for a man
  • 2 men looking for a couple
  • 1 man looking for multiple men
  • 2 men looking for a transgender experience
  • 11 “women” looking for a man (probably most of which are spam posts)
  • 6 women looking for a woman
  • 4 couples looking for a woman
  • 1 couple looking for another couple

No transgender people are on the prowl tonight, at least on the first page of posts. Anyhow, let’s dig in:

  • He’s 57 and looking for a man who is a “Little Bit of a Pig in the Bed and Straight on the Street” and much, much younger, at least under 40. And there is one unusual requirement since he is looking to give you oral sex: he can’t accommodate you if you are more than eight inches so if you have too much to spare, don’t apply. Once you see his naked pics though you’ll probably want to stay clear just on general principles.
  • If you are a panty-sniffing woman this 29-year-old woman from Bristol wants to meet you. Good luck with that, poster.
  • I guess conventional sex is too boring for this 37-year-old man but he is into role play and he’s got plenty of roles he wants to play with a willing woman. It’s unclear if he provides the costumes too.
  • She’s 42, a mother of three and wants to meet college men half her age to make their MILF-fantasies come true. It’s all-legit. The catch is hubby will be taking pictures.
  • This man is nostalgic for his Craigslist hookup, which suggests occasionally these ads actually succeed. Apparently she was into nipple weights. Holler if you are still out there scrolling through these ads!
  • He’s 42, from Middletown and is looking for a woman for fun. To improve the odds, he’s willing to trade some of his Oxycontin to score.
  • He 22, from Torrington and must have a hard time paying the tuition because he’s looking for multiple men and is willing to star in an X-rated video for some “hard”-earned cash.
  • She’s from Bloomfield, has herpes and a confusing ad. She’s posting for a woman but the title says she is looking for a man, but the text says she’s looking for a BBW but she’s open to all men and nationalities. Her only qualification: you must have herpes too.
  • She says she’s a widow and 45 but her picture says she’s 20-something and pleasingly plump instead. So no mystery here: she’s no widow and it’s just a random picture and if you respond expect to get spam. Oh, and she is not a 43-year-old virgin either.
  • If you are trying to be discreet so hubby won’t suspect anything, maybe you should not be posting partially naked pictures of yourself. 43? My ass!
  • Here’s one way to be a 52-year-old married dude and to score: advertise for age 60+ women and hope they are desperate and not very discerning.
  • He’s just another 48-year-old man doing some wild game hunting: women with big clits.
  • Is this 49-year-old man a dirty scoutmaster?
  • He’s a man looking for your boxer-briefs. I imagine you will want to bring an extra pair to wear home. Oh, and he’s willing to give you oral sex. It’s unclear if he wants these laundered or used.
  • Now this is weird: while this 49-year-old man is sucking your cock at his hotel (a Hampton Inn) or at your place he’ll be on speakerphone with his dominant wife.

So not too much kink tonight out there, but it could be worse. More in October.

Craigslist casual encounters weirdness: August 2016 (Hartford CT) edition

TGIF is what a lot of Craigslist users are thinking, which also means that many of them want to hookup. So off they go to their computers to post their most lascivious and carnal needs in hopes that someone will answer the call. Most of them (particularly the men) are going to have their hopes dashed. Some will find they get not quite what they bargained for, like a sexually transmitted disease.

For some of us whose habit is to peruse these ads for our own amusement, we’re likely to find entertainment of sorts scanning the ads. I’m back to scanning Hartford Connecticut’s casual encounters section because it’s been so good to me. I had at least 259 web page views for my Craigslist casual encounters posts in July, and fully 179 of these were for my May 2015 post on Hartford’s section. You might say it’s good for business here on Occam’s Razor, accounting for at least 18% of my traffic in July. How can I not at least take a peek?

Scanning the first page of today’s ads I find:

  • 42 men looking for a woman
  • 29 men looking for a man
  • 12 men looking for a couple
  • 2 men looking for a transgender
  • 1 man looking for two women
  • 10 women looking for a man
  • 1 woman looking for a couple
  • 2 women looking for a woman
  • 3 transgender people looking for a man
  • 1 transgender person looking for multiple men
  • 1 couple looking for a woman

Normally I put on the dark glasses before I read this stuff but it’s such a nice day I’ll see if I can handle it without them.

  • She’s 48, from Hartford and looking for a man to take her to see Suicide Squad. It’s apparently a horrible movie but if she’s looking for a slow way to kill herself, she’s already in the right place. Just date a few Craigslist casual encounters posters!
  • I don’t understand why gay men target heterosexual guys on Craigslist. Why would they bother to read the ad? If you are a woman looking for a woman on Craigslist, but the ad is actually from a man, why would you want to take him up on his oral servicing offer? This post is one fantasy this guy from Enfield won’t live out tonight.
  • If you are a married and unhappy man but unwilling to leave your marriage this “professional” is for you. While she says she’s looking for a good friend, most likely her profession requires monetary tributes: cash or credit card.
  • Women: is there safety through nakedness? If you come and visit him this 35-year-old man in blue boxer shorts will greet you in his birthday suit. Supposedly this will make you feel safe and in control from the start. I suppose it could also start fits of uncontrollable laughter too. And speaking of naked guys, Andy from Manchester is willing to let it all hang out for you in advance so check out his naked pictures and smiling face. To qualify for admittance you must sport DDDs or better. I’m betting he’ll settle for a C.
  • If you are a female transitioning to a male, before you convert that clitoris into a penis, this man from Newington wants to suck it. This is perhaps the strangest ad I’ve seen for a man looking for a woman.
  • Speaking of the transgendered, this shapely “gurl” from New Haven wants you if you are a ruthless and dominant top. Yes, she wants you to whip her into shape.
  • I’m not sure why but if you are a woman looking to fulfill a rape fantasy this 37-year-old man from East Hartford will do the honors. It goes without saying that by definition real rape is non-consensual so at best this would be pretend rape. Here’s a 39-year-old man from Windsor (perhaps the same guy) looking for a similar scenario.
  • Women: only contact him if you can squirt. He’s not the only one with particular qualifications posting today. This 35-year-old man is into sucking women’s toes.
  • He’s 32, from Hartford and doesn’t like to brag but he’s no one shot Charlie. In fact, he’s ready for another one after as little as five minutes. He claims he came four times in ninety minutes.
  • This is very weird and hard to capsulize. Go read it.
  • This makes no sense. She is 23, a virgin and wants you to be her first but it’s something she puts all her extra effort into?
  • She likes them big, construction worker size. Get your hard hats on, fellas!

More in September.