My Aura Revealed!

Rose Rosetree is a nationally known face reader, aura reader and empath. If you asked me a few months ago whether anyone would ever read my aura let alone someone rather well known in the field I would have laughed. And yet a strange set of circumstances resulted in a free aura reading by Rose, which I will share with you in a bit.

Rose is the author of a half dozen books and videos on these topics. She travels the world teaching, lecturing and doing readings for various people. At this moment she is either in Los Angeles or Japan, I’m not sure which. She worked in my aura reading on the plane using a picture on my web site. No we have never met. But it wouldn’t be too hard to meet her since when she isn’t traveling she lives about seven miles away in Sterling, Virginia.

Here is how it happened. My good friend Lisa went to visit a Healing Touch practitioner I was acquainted with. Maureen McCracken used to go to the Unitarian Church I attend. For years once a week she practiced her Healing Touch therapy in the basement of the church. Lots of people at the church swore she worked magic on them even though all she did was move her hands over their bodies, never really touching them. She said Healing Touch let her align their chakras. To learn more about chakras, read the extended entry.

I still don’t know how much of this I believe. As someone trained in the scientific method I am a pretty skeptical person. But as I’ve alluded to elsewhere I am much more inclined to believe in metaphysical stuff today than I ever was. So mainly I try to keep an open mind. But I also keep looking over my shoulder for expected scorn from my peers and siblings. Fortunately I’ve developed a pretty thick hide and I don’t care too much what my peers think anymore.

Anyhow I remembered Maureen’s name, found her web site and sent the link to Lisa. At the time she was going through some heavy stuff and needed her chakras seriously realigned. So she goes to Maureen and is very impressed and keeps going back. Lisa, who can’t pass a bookstore or a library without going into it, was soon reading all about Healing Touch and chakras. She started going to classes that were offered locally. Recently she attended Rose Rosetree’s aura reading seminar.

Rose happened to write a review of George W. Bush’s aura for her newsletter that wasn’t flattering. Lisa forwarded it to me knowing a political junkie like me would like it. So I thought, “Hey, the people at DailyKos will read anything if it confirms their opinions about prominent Republicans.” So I posted this diary entry. Lisa told Rose and Rose seemed to appreciate what I did. Some weeks later she did another aura reading on John Kerry so I posted that one too. Okay I confess I did it somewhat hastily and without making sure I had all the right permissions. I subsequently apologized to Rose and all was forgiven. DailyKos members were amused and I think Rose got some free publicity.

As a result of my diligence and interest Rose offered to read my aura for free. I figured the price was right. What did I have to lose? Then I sort of forgot about it since she spent a couple weeks traveling. And today here it pops into my email box.

How well did she read me? I think it’s a pretty accurate reading. But since most of you don’t know me from Adam, you probably don’t care what my aura revealed. But for friends and family members who are curious, keep reading!

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