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I am occasionally asked, “What does your blog have to do with Occam’s Razor?” The answer is: not too much really. I generally subscribe to the principle of Occam’s Razor. I tend not to believe in convoluted explanations such as conspiracy theories, and think that when the answer is unknown, an explanation that is simpler and more prosaic is where I would place my money. On the other hand many issues affecting us today that appear simple are actually quite complex. I enjoy disassembling seemingly simple issues and showing the complexity beneath them.

For me, this blog is my sandbox made available free of charge to anyone. It attempts to offer a combination of unique insight and quality writing. I was bitten by the writing bug at an early age. I may have a tendency to think and read too much. I also use this blog as a form of therapy. It has a heavily political flavor, but is not a political blog. My postings frequently go into other areas including sociology, religion, psychology, technology, sexuality, the arts as well as general ramblings on life.

Each entry attempts to be a coherent essay on a single topic. In short, the blog aspires have a consistent level of high quality writing and perspective. It is not just random words and thoughts. I am anal enough to edit each entry three times before posting, as well as remove as many grammatical and spelling mistakes as possible. I’m not a great editor, however, so you will notice occasional mistakes.

As for me, I am an early retiree having lived in the Washington D.C. region for 35 years and for all of my professional life. I have recently migrated to Western Massachusetts. Yes, I know, it’s counter intuitive. My career was in information technology. I still work part time doing consulting, teaching or whatever floats my world. I like to stay active and blogging is one way to do so.

I hope you find your time here well spent and that you come back regularly, but since you are probably busy, why not have the blog come to you? Here are three ways:

  1. You can also get my latests posts in an email. Look for the link in the first sidebar.
  2. You can subscribe to this blog with your favorite newsreader.
  3. You can also follow me on Twitter. New posts will be linked on Twitter, and I may have occasional random comments there as well for your amusement.

If you want to discuss a certain blog post, please leave a comment in the post. I can also be reached by email but I can’t guarantee I will see it (it might be put into Spam) or will reply to it.

Thanks for reading!

Updated October 2017


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