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Here I am at entry number 637, four years, two months and ten days since my first blog entry in 2002. Yes, it is 701,906 words later and sometimes feel like I have expounded about everything possible. Yet curiously, I have never taken this time to explain what this blog is about.

I have explained why I blog. I have also provided periodic blog entries where I captured most popular entries and my blog’s growth statistics. However, I have never explained the purpose of my blog, Occam’s Razor.

This blog is not here to discuss Occam’s Razor or to suggest all of life’s weirdness can be understood through the rigorous application of its principle. Wikipedia does a decent job of explaining Occam’s Razor:

The principle states that the explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possible, eliminating, or “shaving off”, those that make no difference in the observable predictions of the explanatory hypothesis or theory.

To put it more simply:

All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one.

For me the key words here are “tends to”. In my blog, I do not assert that the simplest explanation is always the explanation. The principle only asserts that the simplest explanation is the safest bet. If I had to bet my life on two explanations for something I did not understand, I would choose the simpler one because I would be more likely to survive. Perry Mason endings are entertainment. Real life is typically more prosaic.

This is not to say that if you scratch beneath the surface a bit, the ordinary cannot be quite complex. In essence that is the raison d’etre of my blog Occam’s Razor. Its intent is to examine the ordinary and discern what really makes it tick. A good example is my entry Infidelity: It’s Not So Simple published in June 2004. That adultery happens is hardly extraordinary. At the surface level, infidelity is about cheating. However, this is like saying your backyard consists of grass. It is not until you take a spade to your lawn and see the life teaming in and under it, that you realize that there is more to grass than grass. Grass depends on soil, water, sunshine and a host of other factors. Similarly, infidelity happens for many of the reasons that I suggested in that entry, not because “the bastard cheated on me”.

My blog Occam’s Razor asserts that everything is connected. Because this is true, things can be both blindingly simple and inordinately complex at the same time. This blog is my attempt to pull back the curtains of our existence and expose the real Wizard of Oz. It is my attempt to discern and explain the complexity that most of us cannot or choose not to see that exists in the simple and the ordinary.

Some of you are going to have problems with this idea. “How can something be simple and complex at the same time?” (Hmm, it occurs to me that I gave Catholics a hard time for just this reason recently. Please excuse the hypocrisy.) If you believe in black and white, but no shades of grey, then you might as well stop reading. The premise behind my blog is that the world is what it is. It often provides the illusion of simplicity. However, tilt the prism and what looks simple can become devilishly complex. I am driven to try to find and document the complexity behind the simple. I rarely categorically assert that my analysis is indisputable, but hope that you will give it some consideration.

Perhaps I have a mental problem, but I seem to be driven to analyze everything. My brain is constantly sifting through patterns, some explicit, some covert and looking for connections. It may be that most of the connections that I infer are not there, but I need the connections for my own sanity. Otherwise, the universe is simply random chaos. If there is one thought that terrifies me, it is that underlying the universe there is nothing but utter meaninglessness.

Unfortunately, inspiration does not come every day. I also have a busy life outside of my blogging. When these occasions occur, it becomes a convenient distraction to pull out something from the ether and expound on it as an entry. Items that fill my Life categories fall into the miscellaneous noise that I encounter during life. I feel it should be documented, mostly for my own purposes. I offer them to the universe in case anyone finds them interesting.

This blog often feels like a Seinfeld episode. If Seinfeld was a show about nothing, this blog is a blog about nothing in particular. It really has no principle theme. However, it does desire to be a smorgasbord of well-structured and well-written thought. It prefers to enlighten, but it is sufficient if it just amuses. It abhors only your indifference. I try very hard to write quality original content. Of course, there is very little in the world that is truly original. Many of my ideas have been stated before somewhere else. With luck, I might package them better.

Perhaps now that I have explained what this blog is about, you will be able to appreciate it more. If this sort of place tickles your fancy then please bookmark it and return regularly; your time and attention is appreciated and makes me feel flattered. Please share my blog with any friends of a similar mind. And please, leave thoughtful comments. I enjoy all comments that I receive.

Now that I have this off my chest, back to my regular fare.

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