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I wanted to have a blog that meant something to me, and that provided some unique thoughts and perspective to the world. Until early November 2006, my modest goals seemed to be within reach. It was about that time that Google unceremoniously pulled my blog from its search index. More than two months later, I am still stuck in the Internet’s version of Siberia, with no way to change my situation. My SiteMeter page views, which reliably were between 150 and 200 page views per day before last November, dribbled to as little as 14 yesterday. A simple query on Google’s search index on “Occam’s Razor” returns nothing related to my site. In fact, if you try this query you will see that its search index contains not a single reference to this blog.

There almost seems to be a cascading effect. I remain in other search indexes like Yahoo and MSN, but because I am not in Google’s it seems like with every passing day that I rank lower and lower in their search indexes too. This translates into fewer and fewer hits.

So I am at a loss. I can continue to write blog entries for my own amusement and for a handful of family or friends that visit this place regularly. Or I can decide that blogging when my content cannot be found amounts to a waste of my time, and I should be doing other things instead.

I choose the latter. I will continue to do what I can to influence Google to index this site again, although I have followed their guidance to the tee. Creating and managing a quality blog is hard work. I have worked very hard to provide a quality blog for more than four years. Nevertheless, creating and updating a blog that hardly anyone can find is a waste of my time. Life is too short for my time to be squandered on a futile endeavor.

Unlike President Bush, who thinks that more of the same failed strategy in Iraq will work wonders, I am under no illusions. I may post the occasional entry here from time to time. Moreover, I do hope to be back in force once I am listed in the Google search index again. Until that happens, this blog goes dormant. I will use my time more productively: to read, research, indulge my other hobbies, play the good father and husband, and maybe actually smell a rose or two. However, I will be back once I am indexed by Google again.

Please do not throw away your bookmarks to my blog. I hope this is just a sabbatical and not the end. If you enjoy a good discussion, consider becoming a member of my forum, The Potomac Tavern, where you will always find me having conversations with my friends. Enjoy my archives because I believe I have left a lot of thoughtful and rich content. My Best of Occam’s Razor category is especially worth your time. In addition, feel free to leave comments (which I will approve) or send me email. You can also call Google to complain.

Let me extend my thanks and appreciation to all who have spent and enjoyed your time here. Thank you for all those who have posted comments. Whether this blog comes back to life though is no longer in my hands, but in Google’s.

6 thoughts on “The blog goes dormant

  1. So, you’re not blogging because Google’s index doesn’t include you as it was? WOW – I am very surprised. I suppose I view blogging differently than you do and of course, our content is markedly different as well.

    For me (and I speak for ONLY myself here), writing is a part of me. I cannot NOT write. Whether that takes the form of journaling, blogging, whatever, it is who I am. So, if one person reads my words, that’s fine. If 200 read it, that’s fine too. I blog for my own amusement. Am I glad that people read and comment? Yes. Would I stop if no one did? No. (Do I sound like Donald Rumfeld? Good golly, yes!)

    I know you put a lot of thought and research into your posts and I appreciate that. I came into my political personality as a result of how you were able to break things down so that someone as unaware as I could understand it. And so, of course, I respect your wish to put your energy elsewhere. But I do hope you come back to it at some point.

    🙂 Much love to you!

  2. Oh, I am so disappointed. I love reading your blog – I even syndicated it to LiveJournal in the hopes that even more people could read it. I certainly understand the frustration you are feeling wrt Google’s weirdness. I am baffled by the recent modifications and have to wonder who is benefitting, since someone must be.

    I can’t even remember how I found your blog, but I subscribed to the email notifications right away, so that I never miss a post. I am just not much of a commentor, unless I really feel I have something to offer that hasn’t already been said.

    Anyway, I do hope that you find you miss blogging and give us more insightful, educational, and thought-provoking posts before too much time passes.


  3. I will miss your posts. Google isn’t what brought me to your site. I believe I found you on the DC Blog Map. If it wasn’t that, it was a similar index I browsed through looking for interesting bloggers in my local area. Your entries most certainly qualified as interesting, so I added you to my RSS feed and have been reading ever since.

    14 hits is what my journal gets on a GOOD day. It’s enough to keep me posting. But if it dropped to 10% of that for such a silly, and seemly unfixable reason, I would probably also think twice about continuing. I hope Google wises up soon. But, here’s to you enjoying the most of your extra time in the meantime.

  4. : (
    Your thoughts and experiences, your words reached out and touched my soul. Thank you for all that you have shared.
    Many of the blogs I read would appear to have limited readership, as evidenced by the number of comments left. It is obvious, however, that the authors are interested in sharing with the world whatever it is they have to say, whether they know anyone is reading their thoughts or not. I suspect that your hiatus from writing will be short lived and hopefully within that timeframe, the Google problem will be solved.

    Take care,

  5. I will also miss your posts. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now and I know it wasn’t Google that brought me here. I don’t think I’ve ever bothered looking for blogs via Google. I always link through from other blogs and on and on through the stream until something strikes my fancy.

    It’s a shame that you find your posts “a waste of time” because a mindless search engine doesn’t list you. I’ve never had anything but respect for you, even if I disagreed with your views, but I must say that I think this is weak.

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