Four Years of Blogging

This entry marks my first entry in my fifth year of blogging. Over four years I have racked up a total of 610 entries. That is a total of 670,253 words, or an average of 1099 words per entry. (Yes, I am anal enough to keep statistics.)

I have tried and generally succeeded at blogging regularly. For me this amounts to three to four entries a week. Many other bloggers are far more frequent with their postings than I am with mine. I hope that what I lack in quantity I make up for in quality. At a minimum each entry goes through four edits before posting. A typical entry will consume two to three hours of my free time.

Except for the past five weeks or so, my little blogging universe has been growing steadily. On November 3rd for reasons at remain mysterious I was dropped from the Google search index. I could count on 150-200 page views per day as measured by SiteMeter. This SiteMeter graphic gives some idea of how my growth was slowly growing month by month.


However on November 3rd, all that changed. As you can see by comparing my November statistics with October’s, the “Google Effect” accounts for about 70% of my traffic. I never fully quantified it, but I would guess that about half of my visitors were typing “Occam’s Razor” into Google and generally I was on the first page of search results. The others happened to find me through other search terms. Those finding me through other search engines find me just fine. However, Google remains the 800 pound gorilla in the search business. So to some extent my blog thrives or dies depending on whether I am in their index.

I still remain hopeful though that I will not remain in the Google doghouse forever. There was nothing about my content that would lead it to banishment. I figure it was a Google programming gaffe. In fact, I used Google to research my situation. I am not alone. If what I am reading is correct then after 45 days they will re-scan this site. Even if I make it back though I am not sure how long it will take for my page views to recover. For I will likely be seen as a fresh site, not one that had established a small reputation. It all depends on Google and their proprietary algorithms for indexing content.

However, since I am in the Google doghouse, I feel less pressure to work on this blog. When my page views were going up, my motivation was higher. Since they are now down, the motivation is less. Nonetheless, as I start my fifth year I do not intend to stop blogging altogether. My goal until I get out of the Google doghouse is to keep contributing a couple quality entries a week. Meanwhile, I can and have found other ways to use my limited free time creatively.

You, gentle reader, can do me a small favor. If you like and value what you read on my blog, please recommend it to a friend or two. If you have a blogroll, consider adding me to it. And please give me feedback. If for example you prefer political entries, please let me know. Left to my own devices I am more inclined to write about whatever pleases me at the moment. However, I am capable of pushing up the content in one category if I know it will be better received.

Encouragement is always welcome too, so let me know via a comment or an email if you enjoy your time here and what you would like to see improved or changed. Leaving a comment is easy enough. To send me email, write to Please put “Occam’s Razor” in the subject so it does not end up trapped in my spam filter.

Thanks for reading.

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