Michael Jackson: Pedophile

It’s a good thing I am not on the Michael Jackson jury. I’m convinced. The man is a pedophile. From news reports it is hard for me to imagine how a jury could disagree.

Granted I am not in the courtroom so I can’t get a sense of the veracity of these two brothers, one of whom Michael Jackson allegedly molested. But come on. This is not hard to figure out. If it looks like pedophilia, smells like pedophilia and tastes like pedophilia, then it’s pedophilia. If convicted Jackson could get twenty years in prison. In addition to doing well deserved prison time I hope he is put permanently on a list of registered child sex offenders. After he returns from prison to Neverland I hope big signs are placed every couple feet on his fence that say “Warning: Pedophile!” I hope they make him wear an ankle bracelet so that if he gets within 50 feet of a minor it emits a loud squawking sound.

Jackson’s life seems to be based on the premise that with enough fame and money the rules of the real world don’t really apply. Neverland is after all second star to the right, and straight on ’til morning. In Neverland boys get to be boys and don’t have to grow up. Neither does Michael Jackson. And he gets to both play Captain Hook and Peter Pan. His tactics are now well understood. Pick vulnerable kids dealing with major adult stuff like cancer by dropping in like Santa Claus. Make sure their parents are emotionally immature. Wow them with your star power and convince them and their parents that you are their best friend. Then tempt them into your creepy world where normal rules don’t apply. Work on them so they become emotionally dependent on you. So you can guage how they will feel when you move in for the grope, gently expose them Internet porn and Barely Legal magazine. Offer the kids “Jesus Juice” (wine). Screw up their biorhythms so they don’t go to bed until 3 a.m. and sleep until the afternoon. Let them lose track of things like their schooling and what day of the week it is. And when they are half asleep and intoxicated molest them.

If the inflicted sexual trauma were not enough, then forget the fact that you are emotionally raping them too. Take one traumatized and dysfunctional kid, tempt them with a wonderful fantasy, molest them and leave them even more screwed up than before they met you.

Sick, sick, sick.

Jackson must be living in Neverland because like Peter Pan he doesn’t have much in the way of common sense. I can’t imagine being a pedophile. But anyone with the inclination could figure out cleverer ways to do the dirty business than Michael Jackson. To begin with don’t be a celebrity. But if you are then get a conventional and boring estate. Don’t call your ranch “Neverland”. Jeez, it’s like putting neon lights on your house saying, “Pedophile lives here.” If you are stupid enough to call your estate “Neverland” then don’t populate it with such a bizarre and unworldly staff. Don’t create fantasy bedchambers, romper rooms and a special hidden private bedchamber. Don’t leave Barely Legal magazines lying around. Don’t watch Internet porn when minors are in the house.

Michael, if you wanted to do good for kids, here’s some things you could have done. You could have put on benefit concerts with the proceeds going to help children scarred by physical, emotional or sexual abuse. You could have stayed in a loving, healthy and monogamous marriage. You could have taken parenting and child development classes. And if you had to marry someone in your own class, you should have wooed Madonna. Madonna may be weird and talented like you but there’s no way she’d let her daughter or son stay overnight alone with strange celebrity men.

I doubt these two boys were Jackson’s only victims. Neverland has been around for more than a decade. We must ensure he never has the opportunity to do anything like this again.

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  2. There wasn’t any convincing, concrete evidence that Michael Jackson was a pedophile. Jackson is weird in many ways. He wears copious amounts of white makeup. He’s had numerous plastic surgeries. He had to deal with a lot of fame as a very young kid. He had an extremely abusive father. There are plenty of reasons for him to be weird and he is weird in numerous ways. But just acting weird in no way proves he’s a pedophile. Too bad we can’t give him the death sentence for being strange.

  3. You have not spent time in Michael Jackson’s company nor did you see any of the evidence so who are you to judge him.Also we all the media twists things darling.

  4. It is unfortunate so many people misunderstand victims of sexual abuse. Boys who are victimized by sexual abuse are the most likely not to come forward with the truth and when they do — it is at a great emotional strain. Pedophiles believe they are in love with their victims, and they do not ever view their actions as wrong — however, they astutely understand society frowns on actions the pedophile strives to keep secret.

    Although Michael Jackson was a great creative artist, musician, dancer — performer, the public needs to accept he was not “perfect” and that ignoring the claims of innocent children — even when “confessed” through their mouths at older ages, is a double assault to the victims of sexual abuse. Pedophiles do not go around abusing every child they come across. They are highly and keenly selective. They pick out children they believe will not or cannot tell.

    A perfect victim for a pedophile would be a child dying of cancer. They would be the most likely NOT to tell for all the obvious reasons. To discern truth in the midst of idol worship of pop star icons takes a great deal of fortitude. The prosecutors and counselors who supported those who accused Jackson of molestation are great defenders of innocence. Just because Jackson was acquitted does not mean he was innocent of the charges. Look at O.J. Simpson if you need convincing at what skillful lawyers can manipulate via the justice system — but possibly this is not needed.

    Look at the number of adults who hide the “secret” of having been molested for most of their adult lives. What about those who hide it their entire lives? It is the sort of crime victims of it do not wish to “confess” to having been on the receiving end of! It is the sort of crime that robs victims of their childhood. The general public should seek to understand the differences in child molesters.

    There are regressive offenders, mortally indiscriminate offenders [sociopaths], pedophiles and hebephiles and many that possess elements of overlap. Michael Jackson was not a sociopath — a morally indiscriminate offender obviously. He was not a regressive offender who seeks so-called “quiet” or “forgotten” children when the would-be, or budding offender feels uncomfortable, or rejected by his own peers or spouse and inappropriately seeks a child as a “secret” companion.

    Michael Jackson fell into the category of a pedophile. Pedophiles prey on compliant children, and pedophiles have preferences in physical appearance and zero in on children who are NOT likely to tell. They are arrogant and do not believe the law, or parents have a right to interfere with what they want! Pedophiles do indeed LOVE their victims, and they feel that what they are doing does not bring harm to their victims. They do not view their victims as victims but as secret love partners.

    They completely ignore that sexual abuse of a child of any age IS AN INFRINGEMENT ON THE CHILD’S INNOCENCE AND TRUST, and will have devastating results for the survivors – including the victims and those who love them. When pedophiles are found out — they often deny because they wish to continue on unlike the true regressive offender who secretly wishes to be caught even though he/she will deny it upon initial confrontations. Even victims who confess will often retract when they see the commotion that results. It is a frightening experience for both pedophiles and victims – but for different reasons. Without this understanding the public continues to be mislead by pedophiles and those who base their “opinions” on false facts or ignorant deductions.

    Pedophiles delight in infringing upon the “sleep” of child victims. They enjoy the fantasy that the child will not remember the experience, or that they can convince the child that telling will be seen as a “dream.” They whisper things like: “Don’t tell.” They impose this veil of secrecy to paralyze the child’s natural inclination to seek help. It is a crime that makes the child feel helpless and at fault. It is a terrible shame that our society at large, or that any jury could legally acquit a pedophile without understanding the nature of a pedophile and how pedophiles are different from other sorts of sexual offenders.

    Pedophiles do not commonly murder or beat children. They love them. They do not understand that sexual activities with a child are immoral and wrong! They understand that society deems it immoral — but pedophiles even when caught, still believe they did not do any harm because of their “love” for the child.

    Michael Jackson created this Neverland as a lure. He had the money and power to do this that the majority of pedophiles do not have. Pedophiles often give “gifts” or “presents” to further isolate the victim from telling. This psychology makes the victim feel as if he or she is partly responsible for the sexual activities that are inappropriate and wrong for their age and the age of the offender. The offender then makes this “emotional” contract with the victim, and over a period of time and throughout adulthood such a “contract” destroys the victim’s sense of reality, safety and sense of self.

    Telling someone is the first step a victim can make in healing, and whether the majority believes him or her is immaterial in the longrun. Victims require this avenue to speak out because it is the first step in debriding the emotional and spiritual wounds inflicted and orchestrated by their offender or offenders. Still, victims need to be initially careful and selective in telling what happened because strong and inappropriate reactions to this “confession” of having been sexually offended makes the victim feel as if they are confessing to a wrong doing.

    They are deeply afraid of what others will think of them — even though they are NOT to blame. They believe they are partially to blame, and they initially believe no one will understand and that they will be blamed for seemingly taking part in an activity they really could not control or maturely understand.

    Our society can still adore Michael Jackson the artist and creative performer — but our society should embrace the opportunity to comfort victims of sexual abuse and understand that pedophiles are deeply troubled people who need to stay away from children. They don’t abuse every child they come in contact with because they have preferences in this regard much like adults having physical and emotional preferences for other adults in the sexual sense.

    Society should be asking itself what has it overlooked in regard to protecting children and to stopping would-be offenders from materializing their fantasies. The actions of pedophiles are sick, and it is those actions we wish to stop. Possibly, the people who directly supported those victims of Jackson’s succeeded in stopping Jackson from committing other such actions due to “public” humiliation in being found out. In this sense, they succeeded. Michael Jackson was not the first successful creative artist to become afflicted with this mental illness of pedophilia, and because he was in the limelight for both his artistic talents and his offenses — our society should say to itself:

    “Even people we love so deeply for their contributions possess tremendous flaws. They are not gods. They are people who need help, and their victims need our support and guidance as well.”

    I do not say anything here lightly. I am Helene Hinson Staley, the author of five books — the first being: “Shielding Our Innocents, A Prevention Plan On Child Sexual Abuse” with a forward by Roland C. Summit, M.D. My intent was never to make a ton of money with this book — as I can assure you I have not. My intent is still to this day to redirect and educate. I often give copies of this book free to those who ask me directly. It is, of course, available via bookstores upon special request for $14.95 — 198 pages. Some libraries have it. The Library of Congress certainly has copies of it! Read it if you truly wish to understand and stop child sexual abuse on all its varied levels.

    It’s interesting that Jackson insisted that his so-called innocent sleeping with children was done so in all innocence. This is exactly how a pedophile feels. He believes he is innocent because he is incapable of digesting the infringement others determine so readily. He sees this as being misunderstood. Just “sleeping” in a bed with someone else’s child is or was part of Jackson’s arrogant assumption that he could do anything he wanted. Peter Pan did not wish to grow up, and he wished to do whatever he wanted and when he wanted. He flew in through a window – into the innocent bedroom of children and left with them in the middle of the night.

    In my book titled: “Shielding our Innocents,” Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome is described when the “beds” of victims — the “sleep” of victims is intruded upon by a pedophile. This syndrome consists of: Secrecy, helplessness, entrapment and accommodation, delayed and conflicted and unconvincing disclosure and retraction. The victims of sexual abuse are the ones who develop this syndrome, and this syndrome works to the advantage of pedophiles and their quest, which is to keep materializing their fantasies, to keep the victim quiet and society unaware.

    If pedophiles succeed — their own illness is allowed to spread much like an epidemic. We all know the magnitude of social and physical problems that result when ignorance is allowed to rule.

  5. he was evaluated by several psychologists who said he did not fit the profile of a pedophile, rather he was mentally ill and in arrested development (i.e. he thought he was a child himself). Also, the 1993 accuser has now come forward and admitted he lied. then again, I guess you aren’t interested in the actual FACTS, you just pretend to be

  6. Helene… your assesment of Michael becomes suspect with the sales pitch. I am not entirely disagreeing with what you are saying. However, I take issue to the application of your theory on Mr. Jackson; for the same theories can be applied to anyone at the “Childrens’ Wish Foundation”, or Ronald Mcdonald House with identical results. The fact of the matter is, we should not try people through media reports, speculation and even specialized books (although they are a good resource for understanding a subject matter, they provide no proof and any specific act by any specific person) We especially should not feel obliged to grant judgment based on information filtered through the lense of media ratings and book reviews. Even Mark’s intial ariticle (on which we are commenting) is sadly frought with childish speculation, and lacks the support of any substantive evidence.

  7. It is sad to see that people really trust the media reports so blindly. I am not a Michael Jackson fan, but I am someone who has been abused as a child, not only by one but by several people, by people I trusted.

    Looking at Michael Jackson’s life and behaviours, and trusting my feelings, it is clear that he has not the profile of a child abuser. He is a child himself, trying to make up for the lost childhood he had. Sex is no part of that. Playing, laughing, jumping around, being silly,…

    I do not understand on what grounds you people judge someone… he was a good human being. I do not think he could have ever hurt a child…

  8. The assumptions made about the motivations in my commenting are outrageously wrong. In regard to M.J. — the only way the majority of people can be for certain regarding sexual abuse charges is to dig up the old court records — NOT the newspaper and Internet news and to pray God will announce M.J.’s innocence from the Heavens! None of us are God — except for that part of Him that resides in all of us — regardless of religion, beliefs or opinions, and yet we speak with such certainty! If we believe M.J. was innocent and a victim of circumstances, we use the media to support these beliefs; and if we believe he was a pedophile, then those beliefs can be attacked with the assumption that this opinion was entirely rendered due to media reports. How sad! All U.S. citizens are entitled to opinions as long as those opinions are based on truth and not motivated in malice. I point this out because an opinion is only an opinion if it is based on truth. My mention of “Shielding Our Innocents” was far from a pitch, and I found this comment hurtful — especially in the face of all those innocents who volunteered to help me with this project years ago. I often give this book free to those who ask. I mentioned it so anyone reading my comment would understand it was not rendered for motives outside the scope of sincerity. I’ve exercised my right to freedom of speech, and I’ve based it in truth. I’ve interviewed many offenders, and I understand very well their stunts and blocks to create illusions of what they are not. I grew up watching the Jackson-5 and loving their music. They were older than I was at the time — but I loved them. I appreciated and admired M.J.’s talent and artistic creativity — but one of my major quests in life has been to protect children from sexual abuse. It’s not my only quest — but I took an opportunity to stand up for victims of sexual abuse. If by some strange turn of events we all could know without one shread of doubt that M.J. was innocent in regard to the sexual abuse allegations — we all would take another facet yet uncovered in these sorts of cases to study and learn from. Still, whatever we believe about M.J. — we all can pray for his family and for him too. We can also remember those children who stepped forward with their stories. Surely, either way — what transpired certainly hurt them and is shaping their deducements about our grown-up world.

  9. I have read the evidence on M.J. and I do not believe he is a pedophile. However, there are defendants acquitted who are guilty and defendants convicted who are innocent. Truth of innocence or guilt should be based on evidence but today a defendant can be convicted without real evidence. I know because I was wrongfully convicted when DNA evidence to prove my innocence was never presented on my court case. Our criminal justice system is flawed and needs to be reformed. This comment was written by the author of “A Fadeaway Dream of Justice to Redeem.”

  10. Did you hear about how the victim confessed that he made it all up just to get money, only AFTER Michael died? I wish I never thought Michael was a pedophile back then. Haha. Now, what I regret the most is that I fell in love with Michael only after his death.

  11. So far I have read eleven comments posted here. As brilliant as some of these comments are,,, what will be said once more and more of us find out that not just one,, but now I’m hearing that both victims confessed that they lied?

    This could have gone the other way. These victims not only could have stuck with their stories,, but more victims could have surfaced,, maybe even with more solid evidence. And all who loved Michael or even those who simply appreciated his music and artistry would have been devastated. I too share a deep passionate hate for those who would even think of touching a child.

    But I’m afraid the facts have taken a turn against the haters,, the experts on psychiatry,,prime media and news people like Nancy Grace and Diane Diamond, and even congressman Peter King. By the way Mr. King,, you are absolutely right. The media doesn’t mention the firemen,, teachers and others doing heroic works. And that’s all the credit you get.

    Question is,, what stronger fact of evidence is there than a confession right from the victims’ mouth?

    In fact,, let’s take a look at some of the options the accusers have now.

    (Silence)–usually works best especially when you are in the opposite universe of being correct. And no one can tell you to shut up because you are already there.

    “Someone drugged Jordan Chandler and made him say that.”

    ” I was there,, I saw the whole thing.”

    ” Jordan Chandler was threatened by Michael Jackson’s ghost.”

    ” I never said those horrible things about Michael,, I knew he was innocent all along.”

    We’ll hear many things from accusers far more creative than this,, but of all things,, you won’t hear or read,, a simple apology.

    I still can’t figure out why Michael couldn’t sleep. Hmmm,,,


  12. It seems to me that if these boys lied in the trial they open themselves to perjury charges. Maybe it doesn’t count if they were underaged, but certainly they must have been told that they were testifying under oath and their testimony had to be truthful.

    That was my assumption when I originally posted this in 2005.

    I sure hope he was not a pedophile, but his actions were consistent with pedophilia and there was presumably sworn testimony to this effect too. I guess the jury was not swayed by the veracity of these boys, or saw reasonable doubt, so gave Michael a pass.

    My gut tells me that the reason Michael was dealing with so much insomnia was due to guilt. It will be interesting to see what caused his death. If it was powerful barbiturates as some suspect, maybe he used it as a way to escape his pain, and it killed him.

    Time will hopefully reveal more of the truth. I don’t think we really know yet.

  13. I just love how people like to NOT do their research about anything before creating articles or blog posts. It’s as if you couldn’t even bothered to even read the court transcripts. Not that MJ doesn’t even fit the profile of a pedo, there are a real lack of victims. If there were they would have come out aleady, but they haven’t. Get with the program already.

  14. I am a member of Justice League – Justice for Michael Jackson and I have read your Article and I have to strongly disagree with the article. Michael Jackson had an amazing talent and he did take music to a whole new level. He was an amazing man with an amazing heart… I have to say that he was also very misunderstood on so many different levels..

    People seem to forget how much good this man has done for people all over the world, Michael has put Millions of his own money into helping the ill and being able to help others in need. The amount of money we are talking about goes into the Millions more then I can say that any other Entertainer has ever done. He was also recognized in the Guinness book of world records when it comes to supporting Charities and so many others.

    I also have to address that Michael Jackson was found innocent, He was never guilty of any Child molestation charges..There was no evidence to prove this man was guilty, He was 100% Innocent… It has been proven that Michael was part of an extortion plot to destroy him.. We have the a video from Geraldine Hughes who wrote the book “Redemption” who states that she was a witness in the extortion plot against Michael Jackson. I would like to think that if my child was molested, I would never take money to just settle it. I would make sure that the person who has done this to my child has the right punishment. So in my eyes it pretty obvious that these people were just going after Michael’s money.. I will attach the link to our website for you to look at and see the facts of what really happened..

    Please remove this article cause its not based on True Facts.

  15. he was definitely was not a pedophile. HE WAS A HEBEPHILE!!! HE LIKED MID-PUBERTY KIDS! people say that he had a terrible childhood, that he was just crazy, that the abuse from his father made him a repressed-sexual person. But so are a lot of musicians, but they don’t go fucking little children or are accused of such.
    I always thought that he was JUST weird. Then I saw those interviews by Bashir. Those paintings of him with little babies and the also the fact that he said having sex with children is alright told me that he was a pervert. Again the fact that his ‘insurance company’ opted to just buy out the people even though Micheal probably has access to the best lawyers in USA hence his innocence would have been easy to prove. Maybe there is no solid proof, or atleast it is covered up by Micheal’s powerful associations. Hey if he can buy all the beatles records what cant he do!! All I know is lot of stuff is covered up or not revealed!

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