Two Years of Blogging – A Status Report

It will be exactly two years ago tomorrow that I created my first blog entry. So it’s time to do a little meta-blogging about Occam’s Razor. Here are some statistics.

– I have written 268 blog entries to date. I average 2.72 days between blog entries. Hey, life keeps me busy!
– But when I blog I tend to be verbose, not short and sweet. Approximate words per blog entry: 717 (assuming 8 characters per word). I think you’d be hard pressed to find too many blogs with an average entry length as long as mine!
– All this typing amounted to about 1,532,000 characters to date. (This includes embedded URLs.)
– I don’t generate a lot of comments. I get about one comment for every two blog entries. Number of non-spam, non derogatory comments to date: 136.

How do my entries shake out by category? Remembering that I sometimes put one entry in more than one category, I dwell mostly on politics, then mostly on just my life in general. Here are the number of entries per category to date:

– Best of Occam’s Razor: 23
– History: 2
– Life: 74
– Metaphysics: 14
– Philosophy: 23
– Politics: 91
– Sociology: 17
– Technology: 21
– The Arts: 24

What about my web site traffic? This is harder to say since I didn’t start collecting statistics until late February 2004. As I put more content on my site the site is more likely to have entries picked up by search engines. This I suspect accounts for the gradual increase in my traffic. Bear in mind when looking at the SiteMeter graphic below that December isn’t over yet. I suspect my traffic dropped in November because the election was over. I got a lot of hits from search engines on my political entries. (Why Bush Will Lose in 2004 was especially popular. Too bad it wasn’t prophetic.)

Occam's Razor Traffic Summary

Overall since late February I’ve had about 17,600 visits and 23,000 page views. So having been tracking my site about nine and a half months that works out to about 61 visits per day and 80 page views per day. I suspect the numbers will continually to gradually creep up over the next year as I keep adding content.

So Occam’s Razor remains a backwater blog and it will probably continue to be this way. I don’t do anything to market it beyond listing it in a couple blog directories. Overall it appears that about 80% of my readers arrive via search engines (and about half of those seem to be on searches for “Occam’s Razor”), the other 20% appear to have me bookmarked or type in my URL directly.

And the future? I’ll keep blogging. It remains a time consuming hobby since I am fussy about what I write and I can’t seem to say anything succinctly. It is also challenging, because as the blog gets older it gets harder to think up new things to write about. I can usually write something about politics if I can’t think of anything else, but increasingly I am writing fewer political entries. They are like club soda: they go flat rather quickly. I prefer entries that have more longevity to them. Unfortunately, these entries are harder to think up.

I edit every entry about three times before posting it, and sometimes months later I’ll find little typos and correct them. I wish I had the resources to afford a professional proofreader before posting a blog entry. But at least I spell check my entries! I never change the content of an entry after I post it, feeling that if I am wrong I’m not so headstrong that I need to erase my tracks. Although some of my predictions have proven wrong, others like the war in Iraq have proven dead on. You win some and you lose some.

But this blog remains a fun hobby. I hope it continues to provide insight and fun for my readers. Its primary purpose for me is a form of online diary. It chronicles what I am thinking about on a particular day. Before blogging I often felt like my head would explode if I didn’t articulate my thoughts. Now I do it regularly and it is great therapy. And in doing so I can see my own thoughts unfold. I fully expect that over time I will change my opinions many times. For me there is not much about life that is static, so it’s okay if my opinions change too. My opinions and insights try to keep up with the way things are now.

Are there things I won’t write about? Yes, truly private matters like my sex life or lack thereof won’t make it here. I do admittedly skirt around the edges sometimes. When I have personal problems they tend to be big ones. Writing about them, even tangentially, gives some relief. I also won’t directly name names unless they are public figures. And when I discuss my work life I keep a positive tone. It helps that this is generally the case anyhow. But too many bloggers have been bitten when private thoughts about people they know get out. I don’t think that will happen to me.

Hopefully I will still be here a year from now and still posting regularly. And hopefully those few of you who visit this site regularly will feel like you are getting a consistently good product.

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