Blog Makeover, Part Two

Notice anything new around here? Same (I hope) quality content but a newer and better look. This time though I didn’t even bother to try to redesign my site by myself. I have almost zero skills in artistic design.

Fortunately I found someone whose site I greatly admired who agreed to makeover my blog for me. Definitely check out Lauren’s blog sometime because she’s where it’s happening when it comes to hip blogging sites. I did ask her to tone down my site a bit and she complied quite well. I am very happy with the new look. Lauren is the niece of my friend Lisa, who of course runs her own blog Snarkypants. Lauren’s design skills can be seen on Lisa’s site too.

The new design needs a few tweaks to it that you probably won’t notice, mainly in the way of navigation. But overall it is good to go!

Thank you Lauren for a quality job! As you requested a donation in your name to the American Cancer Society was made in lieu of payment.

One thought on “Blog Makeover, Part Two

  1. Thanks again for the donation and the compliments, Mark! I really am sorry it took so long for everything to come together, but I’m glad you’re happy with the results! Let me know if you ever need any other touch-ups; I’d be happy to help out again. 🙂

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