Stop me before I donate again!

Let’s talk about the good things George W. Bush has done for America. George W. Bush has scared the crap out of me. I have never donated so much as a dime to any political campaign prior to Bush coming into office. But this year I realized I couldn’t afford not to give my hard earned money for political causes.

With Bush in the White House, Republicans controlling both houses of Congress (and arguably the Supreme Court) our government had turned into a corporate-ocracy. Bush and his far right neoconservatives had moved my country into something truly noxious (and I mean a lot more than the bad air quality). America today bears little resemblance to the country I was born in. I want my country back!

I have taken action. Not only have I worked for political causes I have dug deep into my pocket to put Democrats back into office. Thankfully I am not alone. Democrats all over the country are doing the same.

Here is my personal political spending report to date. It totals $1650. I try to give at least $100 a month to political causes. But through the election I am trying to give $200-$300 a month. If you are a Democrat or consider yourself a progressive it is time to dig deep. The soul of our country is at stake. Consider giving to some of these fine campaigns. (The dollar amount is how much I have given each campaign so far.)

Bagwell for Congress $300 (Disclaimer: Tim is a longtime friend)
– Dean for America (now Democracy for America) $350
Kerry for President $450
Matsunaka for Congress $50 (various) $350
Richard Morrison for Congress $50 (Tom Delay has got to go!)
Joe Hoeffel for Senate $50
Lois Murphy for Congress $50

Note that I have not given directly to the Democratic National Committee. I know they want me to. So does the DSCC and the DCCC (where I used to work). But I have learned that the candidates they support often represent a different agenda than mine. I don’t want to elect someone who simply returns us to a Tip O’Neil Congress. I want a congress that will be genuinely progressive and beholden to the people’s interests, not the interests of lobbyists. My choices I hope reflect a guerilla movement among Democrats and progressives to skirt the official campaign committees and to put money directly in candidates who best represent the people’s values and stand a good chance of election or overturning a Republican incumbent.

Please do your part.

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