Going Incognito

I am going incognito.

I am no longer associating my full name with my blog. Now my entries will simply appear as “Mark”.

Until recently I didn’t care who came across my blog. But things are changing. In a little over a week I will have supervisory responsibilities. This changes my calculus about how much of myself I want to readily expose.

Here is my thinking: either I have to parse my words about my professional life here on my blog or I have to make myself less vulnerable by dumbing down my content. Do I really want my employees or supervisors knowing my foibles and private thoughts about them or my agency? Do I really want aspects of myself potentially used against me in an employer-employee relationship?

No I don’t. So rather than give up my blog or further restrict my content I’ll just remove my name from this site.

That is not to say someone who spends enough time looking for clues won’t be able to figure it out. I’ve left droppings in search engines that won’t soon disappear. I’ll still keep my public email address on this site. And doubtless someone who is clever enough could find my association with an internet WHOIS command.

I also maintain a public forum where I am out there for all to see. People may find me that way and may stumble onto my blog through it. Even so, those few things on my forum that I do consider personal are available to members only.

But these are all reasonable risks. Someone who wants to spend that much time learning about me on the web is welcome to do so.

When I send out personal email I’ll still include a link to my blog. I don’t mind people I know outside of work learning more about me.

But I see no point inviting trouble.

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